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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

After 500 Posts - The State of Africa Jihad

Noticing that this is the 500th post into the Shimron letters, I wanted to summarize our conclusions to date.

The letters were originally begun when we noticed a deliberate, careful, generational strategy underway for the Islamization of Africa. That, in itself, is not new. What is of concern is that a salafi emphasis on Jihad as-sayf (Jihad of the Sword) against the visible enemy in Africa. The visible enemy appears to be any non-Salafi form of Islam. It become clear that a multi-phase approach was underway, then we came across al Qaeda's 7 Phased plan ( this post keeps disappearing off the site- look in the German newspaper Der Spiegel for the original if it disappears again) This reconciled what we had observed in Africa.

Since then the plan has progressed less successfully than they had hoped, but the plan is still underway.

In essence there are three categories into which the 53 African Countries Fall:

1. Islamic or Secular Islamic Countries
2. Countries in transition (Moving one way or the other)
3. Christian or native religion dominated Countries

Salafist - Islamists who are working in the various stages of persuasion have different tactics underway for each type of country:

In Islamic or Kafir Secular Islamic Countries, Saudi Arabia, Libya or Egypt often funds Dawahs to direct local Muslim Associations onto the correct path, using economic incentives. They look for the most promising students to send to Schools for further radicalization, or to recruit as fighters in Foreign Jihads.
(for example - Sudan, Somalia, Algeria, Morocco, Niger, Tunisia, Northern Nigeria, Eritrea)

Countries in Transition
Saudi Arabia, Libya or Egypt often funds Muslim candidates and supports political movements which are calling for the removal of resiting laws to be replaced with Sharia law. (12 Northern Nigerian districts have already succumbed to this effort). Dawahs focused toward radicalization is intensified.

(for example - Nigeria, Sierra Leon, Ivory Coast, Benin, Liberia, Southern Nigeria, Cameroon, Congo and DR Congo, CAR., Possibly Coastal Tanzania, Eritrea)

An emerging tactic in Kafir Islamic and in Transitional Countries is to provide support to local Islamic Rebel Groups, without a multi-national agenda, to lure them into a Next-Caliphate Islamist Agenda, or to recruit away their best fighters. (Algeria, Chad, Western -Sahara, Mozambique, Angola)

Christian or native religion-dominated Countries

Again, Saudi Arabia, Libya or Egypt teachers, business people, and Muslim Aid agencies come in, especially to the poorer tribes and proselytize peeling away whole tribes based on natural tribal or ethnic differences. Significant Zakat and Sadaqa fund raising efforts become based in these countries, because these countries often seem to have much more money than Islamic countries.

(for example - South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Zambia, Kenya, Western Tanzania)

Since we have been watching, Liberia, the Congos, and CAR have fallen from Christian to Transitional, Ethiopia has become more isolated, and Kenya is in danger.

I acknowledge that the Situaion is not as simple as this. This situation has been overlaid by US, Russia, and Chinese battles for influence in Africa. Their blundering Jingoism-laced efforts often work against their own interests, as they demonstrate an awesome lack of understanding of the local African and Isalmist dynamic.

In Short, there is an imperialistic war being waged in Africa by Arabs, Europeans, Americans, Chinese, and even Indians, and no one seems to notice the African Jihad underway.

What I expect to see next, Is Western, especially Americanand Brittish Embassys and businesses as well as United Nations entities, to come under physcial attack, conducted by local Islamic groups, radicalized by Arabs, funded by Chinese oil money, using weapons purchased from the Russians (or Belorus). It is Already happening in Sudan, Somalia and Chad.


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