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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Venezuela-based HezbollahSanctioned by OFAC

This Venezuelan connectionnection to Hezballah is important to Africa, because the travel agency connections may facilitate fund rasing travel in West Africa, among other places. I wonder if FARC-Hezbollah connections occur in Venezuela...

The Followings was Posted on the Office of Foreign Asset Control (US Treasy Department) web site:

June 18, 2008

Treasury Targets Hizballah in Venezuela

Washington - The U.S. Department of the Treasury today designated two Venezuela-based supporters of Hizballah, Ghazi Nasr al Din and Fawzi Kan'an, along with two travel agencies owned and controlled by Kan'an.

"It is extremely troubling to see the Government of Venezuela employing and providing safe harbor to Hizballah facilitators and fundraisers. We will continue to expose the global nature of Hizballah's terrorist support network, and we call on responsible governments worldwide to disrupt and dismantle this activity," said Adam J. Szubin, Director of the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

Today's action was taken pursuant to Executive Order 13224, which targets terrorists, those owned or controlled by or acting for or on behalf of terrorists, and those providing financial, technological, or material support to terrorists or acts of terrorism. Assets the designees hold under U.S. jurisdiction are frozen and U.S. persons are prohibited from engaging in transactions in property or interests in property blocked under the order.

Identifying Information


  • Ghazi Nasr al Din is a Venezuela-based Hizballah supporter who has utilized his position as a Venezuelan diplomat and the president of a Caracas-based Shi'a Islamic Center to provide financial support to Hizballah.
  • Nasr al Din served until recently as Charge d' Affaires at the Venezuelan Embassy in Damascus, Syria, and was subsequently appointed the Director of Political Aspects at the Venezuelan Embassy in Lebanon.
  • Nasr al Din has counseled Hizballah donors on fundraising efforts and has provided donors with specific information on bank accounts where the donors' deposits would go directly to Hizballah.
  • Ghazi Nasr al Din has met with senior Hizballah officials in Lebanon to discuss operational issues, as well as facilitated the travel of Hizballah members to and from Venezuela.
  • In late January 2006, Nasr al Din facilitated the travel of two Hizballah representatives to the Lebanese Parliament to Caracas to solicit donations for Hizballah and to announce the opening of a Hizballah-sponsored community center and office in Venezuela.
  • The previous year, Nasr al Din arranged the travel of Hizballah members to attend a training course in Iran.

    AKAs: Haj Ghazi Nasseredine
    Ghazi Nassereddine
    Gazi Nasseridine
    Gazi Nasser El-Din
    Ghazil Nasser Al-Din
    Haj Ghazzi Nassereddine
    Ghassan Attef Salame Nasserddine
    Ghassan Nasr El Din Ghassan
    Ghazi Nasserddine
    Ghazi `Atef Nasraldine
    Atef Salameh Nasserdine Ghasan
    Hajj Ghazi `Atif Nasr al-Din
  • Venezuelan Cedula: 18.190.527
    Venezuelan Passport: B-0472561
    DOB: 13DEC 1962
    POB: Lebanon


  • Fawzi Kan'an is a Venezuela-based Hizballah supporter and a significant provider of financial support to Hizballah.
  • Kan'an has facilitated travel for Hizballah members and sent money raised in Venezuela to Hizballah officials in Lebanon.
  • Kan'an has met with senior Hizballah officials in Lebanon to discuss operational issues, including possible kidnappings and terrorist attacks. Further, Kan'an has also traveled with other Hizballah members to Iran for training.

    Fazi Canaan
    Faouzi Can'an
    Fouzi Kanan
    Fauzi Kanaan
    Fawzi Kan'an
    Fauzi Ganan
    Maustaf Fawzi (Faouzi) Kanaan

    7 June 1943
    DOB 2:
    February 1943
    l June l943
    POB 1:

    POB 2:
    Baalbeck, Lebanon

    POB 3:
    Betechelida, Lebanon

    Passport no:

    Venezuelan (Naturalized)

    Naturalization no.:
    2108, 16 December 1977

    Identification no:

    Residence 1:
    Calle 2, Residencias Cosmos, Fifth Floor, Apartment 5D,
    La Urbina Caracas, Venezuela

    Residence 2:
    Esquina Bucare, Building 703, Second Floor, Apartment 20
    Caracas, Venezuela


    Biblos Travel Agency is a Venezuela-based travel agency owned and operated by Fawzi Kan'an, which he has used to courier funds to Lebanon.

    Biblios Travel
    Biblos Travel CA
    Biblos Travel, C.A.

    Avenida Baralt, Esquina Maderero, Edificio Santa Isabel II,
    PB, Loc. 1 Caracas, Venezuela


    Formed in April 2001, Hilal Travel Agency is a Venezuela-based travel agency owned and operated by Fawzi Kan'an.

    Hilal Travel C.A.

    Avenida Baralt, Esquina Maderero, Edificio Santa Isabel
    Caracas, Venezuela

    Business ID no.:

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