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Saturday, June 21, 2008

MNJ Threatens Senses Takers

The MNJ is threatening s new sensus being undertaken by the Niger government. This Pas posted on 21/6 in a threat : "We forbid any movement in the cities and towns under our control. The folowing is a translated quote from their website.


"The government of Niger has launched a pseudo revision of the electoral register.

  • This is an attempt to force a passage in order to minimize the current problem of our country.
  • We wish to emphasize strongly that the time is not that and that people, especially those areas that we control, are not in this frame of mind.
  • That is why, and above all to avoid a sham census which does not reflect reality on the ground, we forbid any movement in the cities and towns and areas under our control.
  • Also, any team or mission of the so-called census that tries to violate this development must know that it is exposed to incalculable risks which it will assume its own full responsibility."

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