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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Niger Movement for Justice (MNJ) ads English Language Blog

As of First January, 2008 a new blog appeared, called Tuareg Culture News. It made a broad announcement about the progress made by the Niger Movement for Justice. the Blog touches suggest that it may be written by the same individual or team that writes the Fench Language M-N-J Blog.

Cross linking suggests that they are trying to promote the old site as well.
They reported an attack on 16-03-08


Tuareg-led MNJ rebels attacked the military post at Banaibangou, just 125 miles north of Niger's capital, Niamey. The attack began at 7 PM March 16, resulting in the death of 3 Niger army soldiers;
  • MNJ took a policeman hostage, along with 2 vehicles and all of the weapons at Banibangou.
  • MNJ stayed several hours after the attack in conversations with the local people who thanked them, according to MNJ.
  • AFP, relaying the government's official stance, said that those killed were a soldier and a policeman, and that another policeman was "missing"
  • The Niger government also claimed that several rebels were either injured or killed, and that they fled.

The Rest @ AFP

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