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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Abou Osama Aressted in Mali?

El Watan (Algeria) - Sunday March 2 2008 El Watan (Algeria) - Sunday, March 2, 2008

There was a report of an Arrest of four members of a cell of the called "GSPC" in the report, which was reorganized a year ago into the AQIM. The report, written in French, claimed that a the cell, active between Bamako and Timbouctou,has alegedley been dismantled by the Malian securitie Services.

Among them is reportedly an "Algerian Afghan" a fomerme member of the GSPC dispatched by the emir of GSPC (AQIM) to reorganize the troops.

Also captured was Abou Osama, a war veteranwho fought against the Russian army in Afghanistan. He was also alegeldy part of the GIA, before rejoining the GSPC
Security sources wer sited.

Abou Osama is alegedly works under the direction of Droukdel and it is suggested the only way this arrest could have happened is if the Toureg Tribal bossess turned him in.

It was a very brief, confusing post in an obscure blog....More to follow as it becomes avaiable


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