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Monday, February 18, 2008

Sudan's Final Solution for Darfur is Underway this week in Chad....What will the World do?

In anticipation of the UN Forces deploying in Sudan, the Sudan has launched its final solution against the African's in Darfur.....
  1. The Sudan government supported the move of friendly Rebels into Chad which cut off UN aid to 160,000 Darfur refugees -3 Weeks ago
  2. The government turned their troops loose on the Remaining Population. aledgein they are JEM Rebles.-2 weeks ago
  3. They captured perhaps 800 Darfur children ages 12-18 - of child soldier age- 1 week ago-
  4. In Chad, armed gunmen prevented 179 families them from getting on trucks on the Sudan border to get them to a safe Refugee Camp -3 days ago.
  5. The Sudan Government is moving in now to West Darfur-this week

The refugees the Sudanese government scattered before are now at the mercy of the Chad-rebels which the Khartoum government supported -In East Chad-the Chad government is in no position to help as they are still defending their Capital in West Chad.

UN troops in Sudan (Central) already have millions to guard. There is no one left to defend the hundreds of thousands of Darfur refugees....


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