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Friday, January 11, 2008

MNJ Denounces the Mines in the streets of Naimey

Statements off the MNJ website in the last couple of days are:

  • The Niger Movement for Justice (MNJ) strongly denounced what they call the "assassination" by "the regime" of the Director of Radio RM Niamey, Abdou Mahamane, as a result of a mine in the streets of Naimey

They call it a "heinous crime" and accuse the Government of:

  • Creating a threatening place for Journalists, which MNJ claims to condemn
  • Trying to buy Helicopters from China and Russia to fight them in the desert
  • Making MNJ's war against the fighters of the regime" an international war by using mines and blaming MNJ.

There is more, but it is mostly rhetoric, name calling, and a promise to keep fighting the regime.

This is an old, local war. Will they succumb to the needed resources al Qaeda promises if they join the jihad? We will see.


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