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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Algerians added to the OFAC Specially Designaged Nationals ( SDN ) List

The following individuals have been added to OFAC's SDN list:

DROUKDEL, Abdelmalek (a.k.a. ABD AL-WADOUB, Abdou Moussa; a.k.a. ABD EL OUADOUD, Abou Mossab; a.k.a. ABD EL OUADOUD, Abou Mousab; a.k.a. ABD EL-OUADOUD, Abi Mossaab; a.k.a. ABD-AL-WADUD, Abu-Mus'ab; a.k.a. ABDEL EL-WADOUD, Abu Mossaab; a.k.a. ABDEL WADOUD, Abou Mossab; a.k.a. ABDEL WADOUD, Abou Moussaab; a.k.a. ABDELMALEK, Drokdal; a.k.a. ABDELMALEK, Droukdal; a.k.a. ABDELMALEK, Droukdel; a.k.a. ABDELOUADODUD, Abu Mussaab; a.k.a. ABDELOUADOUD, Abi Mousaab; a.k.a. ABDELOUADOUD, Abou Mossaab; a.k.a. ABDELOUADOUD, Abou Mossab; a.k.a. ABDELOUADOUD, Abou Mousaab; a.k.a. ABDELOUADOUD, Abou Moussab; a.k.a. ABDELOUADOUD, Abou Musab; a.k.a. ABDELOUADOUD, Abu Mossab; a.k.a. ABDELOUADOUD, Abu Mus'ab; a.k.a. ABDELOUADOUDE, Abou Moussaab; a.k.a. ABDELOUDOUD, Abu Musab; a.k.a. ABDELWADOUD, Abou Mossab; a.k.a. ABKELWADOUD, Abou Mosaab; a.k.a. ABOU MOSSAAB, Abdelwadoud; a.k.a. ABOU MOSSAAH, Abdelouadoud; a.k.a. ABOU MOSSAB, Abdelouadoud; a.k.a. ABU MUSAB, Abdelwadoud; a.k.a. DARDAKIL, Abdelmalek; a.k.a. DERDOUKAL, Abdelmalek; a.k.a. DEROUDEL, Abdel Malek; a.k.a. DOURKDAL, Abdelmalek; a.k.a. DRIDQAL, Abd-al-Malik; a.k.a. DROKDAL, 'Abd-al-Malik; a.k.a. DROKDAL, Abdelmalek; a.k.a. DROUGDEL, Abdelmalek; a.k.a. DROUKADAL, Abdelmalek; a.k.a. DROUKBEL, Abdelmalek; a.k.a. DROUKDAL, Abdelmalek; a.k.a. DROUKDAL, Abdelmalik; a.k.a. DROUKDEL, Abdel Malek; a.k.a. DROUKDEL, Abdelouadour; a.k.a. DRUKDAL, 'Abd al-Malik; a.k.a. DURIKDAL, 'Abd al-Malik; a.k.a. OUDOUD, Abu Musab; a.k.a. "ABDELWADOUD, Abou"), Meftah, Algeria; DOB 20 Apr 1970; POB Meftah, Algeria; alt. POB Khemis El Khechna, Algeria; nationality Algeria (individual) [SDGT]

From the Office of Foregin Asst Control (OFAC)

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