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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mali-600 kilos Cocaine

From IRIN, first published 5 July 2007


Two big drug busts of more than 600 kilos of cocaine in Mauritanian and Niger in recent weeks show authorities can stem some of the flow, but U.N. officials say a far greater volume of narcotics is getting through. -May 26, 2007 alertnet

Guinnea Bissau
  • The biggest happened in September [2006], when police found 674 kg of cocaine.
  • A second bust of another 600 kg came in the spring [2007].
  • In April, authorities in Burkina Faso intercepted 49 kg of cocaine on the border with Mali. In May, Mauritanian authorities discovered 630 kg of cocaine in an abandoned aeroplane near the airport in Nouadhibou, 500 km north of the capital Nouakchott.


  • The smuggling into Mauritania of a previous batch of more than 600 kilograms of cocaine seized after a small plane made an emergency landing at the northern port of Noudhibou in May, 2007], led to a discover of 1,896 lbs (860 kilograms) of cocaine on 14 August in NOUAKCHOTT (Mauritania), were found hidden beneath sacks of rice in a parked minibus.

Dominique Lebleux published this report (Article is in French) in September, 2007, which gives a detailed analysis of European Drub Busts of traveling Africans, in 2007, including this:

January 2007: - Flight Bamako (Mali)-Amsterdam (Belgium).

  • Three [aleged] Nigerians were stopped at the airport of Casablanca (Morocco).
  • Alltogether they transported altogether 4.5 kg of drugs in the form of a 209 capsules ingested.

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