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Thursday, November 22, 2007

al Baraka businesses and NGOS

Zawya Keeps a company profile on al Baraka, the Development Family of Businesses and non Profits. This group has been identified in repeated suits and endigthments as supporters of terrorist activities. In some cases the organizational assets were frozen After THe attacsk on the world trade center and September 11, 2001.

you would expect, Saleh Abdullah Kamel the Chairman of this group, to be in prison or i n disgrace among Muslims everywhere.

The answer is the opposite. He is renowned in the Muslim world. His name is synonymous with the creation of a world wide islamic finance system that oiperates in veritually every country of the world. He is associated with
  • Sharia Compliant Sukuk or Bonds
  • A new World Wide Centralized Zakat (religious alms due upon money earned by money sitting ina an account) Collection and review Center in Malasia
  • He is the Father and director of a hughe family of non-profit organizations which continue to radicalize Islamic youth in Africa.
As you can see byt he profile that follows, al Baraka is primarily an investment and financial services company on the surface


Ownership Type Private
Company Type Partnership

Financial Services Investment Companies - Islamic

Principal Activities

Commercial and investment banking; insurance and leasing according to Islamic Sharia principles.

Date of Establishment

Key Officers
Saleh Abdullah Kamel Chairman

Hassan Salem Al Ammari Chief Executive Officer

More Officers

Contact Details
Address:P.O. Box 6854Jeddah 21452
Country:Saudi Arabia
Tel:+966 2-669-4100
Fax:+966 2-669-4264

Latest Headline
'Terrorist financing': New targets, new tactics - Gulf States Newsletter
More News

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Major Shareholders

Saleh Abdullah Kamel
Saudi Arabia

Organization Structure and Related Entities
Parent Company/Organization

Dallah Albaraka Group assets were frozen in 2002

Saudi Arabia


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