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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ramadan Zakat Distributions

--tis the season for Ramadan Zakat Collection and distribution. Many legitimate alms projects are begun during this time. It is also the season to watch for the resupply of Jihadist organizations.

Zakat Collectors employed by Jihadist organization from Ivory Coast, Algeria, Morocco, Mali, Niger, Somalia, Sudan, Kenya, and now Etritria are lined up with appointments throughout the Middle East as Corporate Zakata distributions are being made.

The collectors may not say they represent Al Qaeda in Magharebia, Shabaab, Al Qaeda in Iraq, but an authorized use of Zakat under Sharia is to pay the "Expenses" of Jihadis, and those collecting Zakat.

We can bet arms dealers, explosive material suppliers and simple arms dealers are standing by from Bosnia to Bulgaria to the Barakaa arms markt in Somalia, just waiting for that Zakat to come in.....

and don't forget the Brotherhood collectors who are funind those Salafist Youth radicalization projects in Ghana, Benin, Liberia, Kenya, South Africa, Malawi, Egypt, Angola....

See the article below from the Islamic Voice, complaining about the hectic schedule...


Ramadan sets the agenda for those who want to give Zakat and those who want to collect Zakat. Majority of Muslims consider it as auspicious to disburse Zakat during the Ramadan.

Looking at the entire system of Zakat collection and Zakat disbursement, it is torturous for both Zakat payers and Zakat recipients.

  • For the entire month, those who want to pay Zakat, face the painful onslaught of people who want their share of Zakat.
  • Those who deserve Zakat, compete with those who launch and manage mega and micro projects.
  • In the process, those who pay Zakat, many times neglect their own poor relatives. In fact poor relatives should have the first right over the Zakat.
  • The plight of the Zakat collectors who collect Zakat on behalf of Islamic organizations, non government organizations and Madrasas is pitiable as they have to struggle for the appointment and also wait endlessly to get their share.

The Rest @ Islamic Voice

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