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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Yes, Africa She Stands

I Dream that Africa Stands on Her Own;

Yes, Africa She stands

No longer selling her birthright

to one who puts a roof over her head and buys her a meal today.

Her great Leaders no longer asking outside step-fathers for every need

Yes, Africa She stands

She shops at the Grand Markets of

Arabia, America, France, Brittan, China, Russia, the rest

Buying, no longer begging, and They buying from her

They no longer command her, and fight their fights in her house.

Yes, Africa she stands,

She defends her own honor, purges her own criminals, makes her own money and decisions.

She no longer dresses in the baubles given her by foreigners

bright and shiny and beautiful in clothes she made herself- and some she commissioned

from those that use to give her the remainders

She Feeds herself, She educates herself, She is an engine of enterprise

Her best and brightest children stay, they have not abandoned her

And bring forth Grandchildren who are a crown for her head

Yes, Africa She stands, reflecting the glory of God,

Radiant in her balanced riches, no longer a follower but a leader

Healed, Prepared for her glorious Future.

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