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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Suicide Bomber Training Camp Identified in Algeria

Algiers, 12 Sept. (AKI) -
Al-Qaeda has been accused of recruiting 40 teenage youths in Algeria for suicide attacks in Iraq.

According to a report in the Algerian newspaper, al-Khabar, the youths were being trained to become 'little Zarqawis'.

It said one 15-year-old boy who had joined the group at the beginning of April was one of two bombers blown up in last week's suicide bombing in Dellys.At least 37 people were killed and another 47 injured in the suicide car bomb attack on a naval barracks in the town of Dellys, 100 kilometres east of Algiers. Al-Qaeda later claimed responsibility for the attack.
  • Al-Khabar said youths were being recruited from local mosques and had dreams of fighting against US troops in Iraq.
  • They were reportedly trained at a camp called Awlad Salah in the province of Boumerdes.
  • Many of the recruits came from poor local villages and recruiting agents were paid from 450 dollars to 730 dollars for every youth they sent to the training camps.

The Rest @ ArabNews Wire

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