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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sudan stirs up its Fourth War

The Government in Khartoum started the war against the South then Darfur; then it started supporting rebels in Central African Republic ( CAR ), The Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad, and now, there is evidence that they are supplying the Rebels in Niger.

Colin Thomas-Jensen and Maggie Fick wrote the following in CICS Forum article on September 4th: "Mounting evidence suggests that that Sudan’s ruling National Congress Party is supporting the MNJ, perhaps to rankle Chadian President Idriss Deby by stoking conflict on his western flank. Moreover, Tuaregs in Niger and Mali formed an alliance in July."

Their full article goes on to suggest that the region is at risk of blowing up into war.

It is not new news that the Khartoum government is being morally supported and politically shielded by by Jihad supporters. They are being armed by the Russians, and funded by the Chinese.

My point: Everyone knows who all the players are, and what there game plan is, and yet no one is willing to step in...Ethiopia has there hands full to their East with Somalia and Eritrea, so who will stop the cancer?

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