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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Ensemble Hotel Holdings

This company is wholly owned by LAAICO

Ensemble Hotel Holdings

Location : Johannesburg, South Africa

Date of Establishment: 1999

  • Participation: 100% LAAICO
  • Activity: hotels & real estate
  • The company owns the 5-star Michelangelo Hotel having 242 rooms located in Johannesburg.
  • Owns 40% of Legacy Hotel Holdings which manages and participates in another chain of hotels, namely:
    1- Portswood –102 Rooms.
    2- Kwa Maritane-90 Rooms
    3- Baku Bung-76 Rooms.
    4- Commodore-232 Rooms.
    5- Checodore 10 Rooms.
    6- owns a land of (4186Sq m) to be exploited with private partner to construct a 33 stories tower block.

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