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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Asmara Conference Raised a Banner of Confusion Says Shabaab

"The secularists are different and worse than true infidels. They claim to be Moslems. But they are connected and they work on the orders of the infidels. They believe in the War on Terror, they reject the laws of Allah and accept the laws set by simple humans in parliaments."
-Shabbab Statement, as Translated by Dr. Abdishakur Jowhar

What follows is a translation by Dr. Abdishakur Jowhar, clearly a spoksman for the Shabaab, who translates into English the Statement fo why the Shabaab boycotted the Asmara Conference.

It reflects the Shabbab's true salafist thought, and demonstrates why they cannot stop until they conquer the world or die trying. Let us not under estimate the single-mindedness and simplicity o of living a life where the sacred and secular must be integrated together. No compromise is possible without endangering their soul.

I have deleted Dawa attempts and Quranic quotes. You can read his entire indoctrination document here.


translation by Dr. Abdishakur Jowhar

Dr. Abdishakur Jowhar

Declaration Jihadist Youth Movement Boycotting the Mixed Islamist-Secularist Conference (Asmara) Introduction:

  • The Nature of the Conference The general meeting of Asmara is a meeting of a new kind in the history of Somali political life that represents nothing less than retreat on the part of the Islamist forces.
  • It is clear that what should have been an exclusively Islamist conference has degenerated to something akin to conferences of other Somali politicians, like those of Arta, Eldoret and Empagathi; conferences that has brought only shame to the Somali people.
  • The conference is organized to give birth to a political force this is united by Somali Nationalism and hopelessly divided by the lack of unity in true Islamic faith.
  • The Islamists had made that possible. They have invited into their midst Secularists(1) (the non believers), they have weakened their united force, and they have foolishly squandered the trust bestowed on them by sharing it with undeserving Nationalists, opportunistic politicians and misled women.
  • The Asmara Conferees The Asmara conference is bringing together desperate entities that have conflicting agendas and that are therefore doomed to fail.

These entities include the following:

  • 1- The Free Parliament (A parliament based on the laws of the Infidel): These are members of the Transitional Federal Parliament who have rebelled against the rule of the Transitional Federal Government. Their main argument is that the Empagathi Charter was not followed. But they are same people who elected Abdillahi yusuf, the same people who approved Ali Geedi as the Prime Minster. Pray then when do we believe them; now or then?
  • 2- Civil Society (the infidel’s hands): These are organizations that essentially serve to further the agenda of the dark forces of the non believers and Infidels (the west). These groups believe that the Islamic Faith should be banished from the public space in Somalia and that people should be freed from Worshipping Allah.
  • 3- Diaspora Somalis: These are Somalis who live in various parts of the world. They include personalities who have become famous for defending western culture and who believe in the falsehood known as democracy.
  • 4- A Segment of the Union of Islamic Courts: This segment of the Islamic Courts has unfortunately reached the conclusion that they need to form an alliance with the secularists, nationalist etc. They have come to believe in possibility of peaceful negotiations.

Why We Boycott:

  • Mixing Faiths: (half measures) Democracy is the religion and the law of the infidel.
  • The people who support democracy believe that society must be freed from God.
  • They believe that the State and its structures must be kept distant from religion. Such a belief system is the mark of those who rejected Islam; the true belief.
  • The believer and the non believer (secularists) can never reconcile; between them is anger and war.

A Masjid Dirar Conference

  • (2) This conference weakens the “Jihad”, in the same way Masjid Dirar was designed to destroy Islam from within. Masjid Dirar and the Asmara Conference have the following commonalities. Inflicting Loss upon the Moslems:
  • This conference is detrimental to the just cause of the Jihad Dissention among Believers:
  • The false mosque was designed to divide the cohesiveness of the believers. This conference is designed to break defensive line of the Mujahidiin A sanctuary for the enemies of ALLAH.
  • Masjid Diraar was a place for the enemies of Islam to hide right in the public sight. This conference provides the same service for the secret agents of the infidels and their representatives.
  • It costed the Mujaahidiin a lot of lives. Liars who claim they intend “nothing but good”: Trickery and false claims was the Essence of Masjid Dirar. That was its danger and that remains the central danger of this Masjid Dirar that is built in Asmara.
  • A flag of confusion and blindness Jihad has opened in these our lands. We have seen its glorious achievements. The Asmara Conference is forcing the Jihad to lose its way.
  • It raises a banner of confusion. It plants confusion in the clear message of the Jihad.
  • It limits the high and pure goals of the Jihad to narrow Somali nationalism limited to the false border imposed on our people by the colonialists.
  • It transforms the Jihad to a meaningless “Re-liberation, Resistance etc”.
  • Deviation from the straight path The conference introduces a new and counterproductive culture and concepts like: Moderate, retreat, compromise, conferences in posh hotels in foreign countries and collaboration with those who flow the ways of the infidel.
  • The Asmara Conference reintroduces the old concept of a leadership that lives in the comfort of distant lands and has the incredible wishful desire of leading the battle through remote control.
  • This is a path of deviation. It is different from the true and tested ways of the Moslem that included the following Belief in the Oneness of Allah and acting in accordance with Sunnah of the Prophet (SCW) Carrying forth courageously the word of Islam and the teaching of Sharia.
  • Inviting people to the good (all that Islam orders one to do) and forbidding people from engaging in the bad (all that Islam has forbidden).
  • The meeting of the Islamists and Secularists leads to confusion between what is just and what is unjust, between what is true and righteous and what is full of falsehoods.
  • The conference leads lay people astray attempts to make Falsehood look good and warm And discourages the Muslim and convinces them that nothing could be done.
  • The collaboration with the Secularist is different from the Peace Treaty the Prophet (SCW) made with the infidels at his time. The prophet (scw) has made an agreement with proper infidels.
  • The secularists are different and worse than true infidels. They claim to be Moslems. But they are connected and they work on the orders of the infidels. They believe in the War on Terror, they reject the laws of Allah and accept the laws set by simple humans in parliaments.
  • The infidels the prophet (scw) made a necessary agreement with an armed capable military power. The secularists (non believers) on the others hand have no arms and no armies. Why bother to make a treaty with them and especially when we already know that the secularists do not they believe in Jihad. The agreements the prophet (scw) made with the infidels never involved power sharing. The Asmara Conference has the goal of sharing powers with the secularists (non believers) As group the Secularist (non believers) have not rejected their principle (of having no faith) and it is quite feasible that they will try to take over the Jihad process and use it against the Moslems. (1) The more radical Somali Islamists translate the word secular to non believer or atheist. It is not for lack of understanding of the concept. In their eyes any talk about separation of mosque and state is equivalent to rejection of Islam and the achievement of the status of non-believer and apostate. The frightening thing about this terminology is that they also believe that an apostate must be killed on sight. (2) Masjid Dirar was a Mosque built by non believers at the time of the prophet to defeat the faithful and mislead them away from Islam. The concept of Masjid Dirar has come to represent the worst kind of enemey, the enemy within. It is not only about traitors to the faith. It is about traitors who are actively engaged in battle against Moslems to defeat them while disguising themselves as real Moslems and even building Mosques. The concept of Masjid Dirar in its contemporary use by the radicalized element of Islamic society is the counterpart to the cultural revolution of Madame Mao and the Stalinist purges. Masjid Dirar describes the elusive and treacherous counter revolutionary, to whom no mercy could be shown.

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