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Friday, August 03, 2007

What does "the Leader" Kadaffi want with Anti-Tank Missiles?

Qaddafi is getting an enormous number of anti-tank missiles from France.
Lets Examine these Missiles:
  • This is a start-of-the-art missile
  • Range: 3, 000 meters, or about 1.8 miles.
  • Penetration: 3 Meters, or over 9 feet of reinforced concrete
  • It can be carried without a vehicle, and fired by two people
  • We hope it fires like this when they get it.
  • Here is more data

When I look at Libya's enemies, who would they need to defend themselves from?

The only people that come to mind are:

  • Egypt: No threat
  • Chad: Fighting their own war No Threat
  • Niger: Trouble near their borders, but nothing these Missiles will improve
  • Algeria: AQIM is a threat, but mysteriously not focused on Libya
  • Tunisia: No Threat
  • Sudan: Best Chums

There are only four possible outcomes of this, all three are bad:

  • This re-starts an Arms race in North Africa
  • Libya deploys these missiles against Jihadis who capture them and use them elsewhere
  • They are transferred either legally or illegally to al Qaeda
  • Some international criminal group aquires them for that anyway you like.

This is a simple system, very easy to use, and in the hands of a small terrorist group of any kind it significantly increases their capacity to penetrate hard targets.

I wonder what is really going on here?

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