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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Beltechexport, Belarusian Arms Company, BelaPAN: Arms Dealer to Africa & the World

Beltech export, a Belarusian arms trade company, has released its sales figures for the first time ever.

In a report posted on its website, the company says that it has supplied foreign customers with more than 120 aircraft, over 3,000 air defense, automated control, radar and electronic warfare systems, hundreds artillery weapons and armored vehicles, tens thousand small arms units, as well as other pieces of military-purpose equipment.

Founded in 1993, Beltechexport is the country's largest military hardware export and import company.
The company supplies weaponry to customers across
  • Africa, Asia, Middle East and Latin America.
  • It has offices in Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates, Libya, Russia and France.
  • Beltechexport awards arms repair and upgrade contracts to the 140th Tank Repair Works, the 2566th Electronic Weapons Repair Works, the 558th Aircraft Repair Works, the Minsk Wheeled Tractor Factory, the Minsk Automobile Factory, Ahat and other defense industry enterprises.
  • Apart from offering foreign customers weapons and other military-purpose equipment and repair services, Beltechexport also provides training to foreign experts.
  • BelaPAN

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