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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

North African Al Qaeda Offensive Failed

July 17, 2007: Apparently, al Qaeda attempted to plan and carry out spectacular terror attacks in the capital, during the current All Africa Games. But tight security prevented the terrorists from even getting close to the city. Police still believe that there are only a few hundred Islamic terrorists, most of them openly proclaiming allegiance to al Qaeda, and hiding out in rural areas east of the capital. Most of the population is hostile to the terrorists, providing the police with lots of tips about terrorist activities. The terrorists have not found a way to get around this, other than trying hard to keep their activities secret from everyone. This is a major handicap.

July 16, 2007: Police arrested six men who were found to have master keys to hotel rooms used for participants in the current All Africa athletic competitions. The men are believed to be thieves, not terrorists, and are cooperating with police.

July 14, 2007: Police cornered four Islamic terrorists 170 kilometers east of the capital. The terrorists resisted arrest and were killed in a gun battle. One policeman was wounded. In a village 100 kilometers, about fifty Islamic terrorists tried to attack two police stations, but fled without causing any injuries. They left several roadside bombs behind, which were found and disposed of.

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