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Monday, June 11, 2007

Kurdistan Turkey Conflict

Nur al-cubicle is a blogsite I have been reading for sometime. I cannot vouch for the reliability of the datasource, she claims to live in Florida and read Italian and French news sources. But he/she reported the following:
  • However, Kurdistan President Massoud Barzani has rejected Ankara's conditions last Wednesday
  • 600 Turkish commandos, supported by regular Army units and originating from the Turkish town of Cukurca, penetrated 3 kilometers into Kurdistan
  • Another 200 regular troops occupied a hilltop in the Iraqi Kurd region of Sizeri
  • The Turks have established security zones in the frontier provinces of Sirnak, Siirt and Hakkari through 9 September

Again I cannot vouch for the data, but it is an interesting report none the less.

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