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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Chinese Imperialism in Africa Continues

A Howard W. Trench from the International Herald Tribune wrote some commentary this week on CHAD, noting the demise of France's presence in the Francophone countries, and its replacement by China.

Chinese companies getting the contracts for spend aid money, and major Telecoms investments. Yet France still maintains a military airbase in CHAD, and its presence may be contributing to its fragile stability.

This is another sign of the changing of the guard in Africa. Chinese Imperialism replacing aging European colonialism.

Africa is still the poorer. Why must Africa live on the handouts of Europeans, Arabs, Americans even South Asians run much of the informal sector in many African Countries. Liberian Newspapers have lamented the fact that the only way to buy a car in Liberia, is to buy it from a Lebanese importer.

Even the World Bank and EU Finical organizations treat African nations like small Children, Giving them money like a Rich Father giving money to a drug addicted Son. "Enough to eat, to rebuild again infrastructure, but not enough to buy drugs" seems to be the approach by these governments.

"Africa, you deserve better than this. When will you begin to refuse outside help that makes you dependant on them? Take Charge of your own economy. Kick your best and brightest out of government and into the private sector. When you take help, take help from outside entrepreneurs who are the only providers of self sufficiency.

Though we non-Africans have abused you, some also want to equip you for success."

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