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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Blood Diamonds: an Ivory Coast Connection?

Prior to 2005, the ROC was removed form the Kimberly process for a massive discrepancy between it's diamond mining and its exports. All this was done through Lebanon.

Historically, diamonds from captured mines have been used to fund armed conflict in Africa, often by child and/or slave labor. The Kimberly process has created a process for tagging legitimate diamonds, and this process that is beginning to take effect.

This success, however, creates a need to launder blood Diamonds. Thus the Lebanon ROC blood diamond laundering process.

Around the first of June, 2007, Someone in the Ivory Coast tried to find email addresses in the Republic of Congo of several Diamond mines, and suspected diamond mine contacts.

The search appears to not come from Abidjan or any large city. They were specifically looking for Congolese diamond contacts, and they were searching in French.

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