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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

7 Point to Plan to Defeat al Qaeda World Wide

  1. No More conventional invasions and occupations of any country. Division and Chaos is their plan. Every time ANY Secular state goes in, it provides Capital to Jihad. Capital to recruit world wide, to claim legitimacy, and to raise money.
  2. Investigate each and every bombing in new countries, looking for impostors claiming to come from some unhappy local group. The bombing will be designed to create at least animosity and hopefully civil war. If they succeed, this will bring Capital to Jihad.
  3. Develop careful partnerships with Secular Muslim states, (Saudi, Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, sharing intelligence washed of sources, equipping them to fight al Qaeda's attacks against them.
  4. Monitor al Qaeda Funding, recruitng, transportation and equipping networks. al Qaeda clearly uses open source communications in most cases, and I hope these networks are as well understood by the professional intelligence community as they are to the open source intelligence communities. Don't shut the networks down, but use them to gather intelligence for pre attack raids to destroy grouped al Qaeda forces.
  5. Be prepared to conduct short notice raids in any country in the world that is hostile, under governed, or a failed state. Establish multi-level communication links and relationships with these places now, so that you can ask for their invitation, but willing to do the raids if these places refuse. Get in, Get out. No long bases. Anything longer than a week or two is too long.
  6. There are a series of dynamics that impact al Qaeda's activities. Sunni animosity toward toward al Qaeda in Iraq, the rising threat of Shia evangelism, The growing power of China, India, and Indonesia, each with their own agendas. Secular Islamic activism.
  7. Encourage non-imperialistic economic partnerships:
  • World Business to local business, world NGO to local NGO Relationships, that foster Independence, not dependence.
  • Empower Muslims living in peace in secular countries to participate in government.
  • Recognize and stimulate entrepreneurship.
  • Devleop forums of all kinds that share best practices that develop economies in environmentally sound ways.
  • Develop private companies inside poor countries that compete for World Bank Funds which target specific poverty reduction measures. Not Grants: socialism has a hard time developing innovation. Invest in coaching for Entrepreneurs in poor countries. Find those already entrepreneurs and help them figure out how to solve poverty in their own country.

Then, al Qaeda will be killed and become irrelevant over a very few years.

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