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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Why We don't Understand Jihad

World views are so opposite that they cannot communicate with each other.

If your world view is that religion serves the purpose of helping us behave better, then you can tolerate it as long as a people's religion helps people behave better. Should religion make them behave worse, then you must help them develop better behavior in spite of their religion. This is the worldview of a secularist.

If your world view is that your purpose and objective is to connect with God, then your behavior toward others is of second or even third concern. It is the objective of the religious Muslim who knows and literally believes their Quran to bring the entire globe under submission - to their God. This is the world view of the religious Muslim.

Western Secularists will try and discuss peace with the Middle Easter Secularists. They are free to compromise since both see their holy scriptures as a guideline, not a rule. Their will be much discussion, and this will bear no fruit.
Because secularist of neither Mid-East nor West can persuade the
fundamentalists to give up their purpose.

This lack of understanding will results in secularists continuing their roles as unwitting pawns used by both sides to provide temporary breaks in the fighting to rearm and resupply.

Most of the world cannot process & interpret what they see, because it is such a long cycle of events.

Secularists cannot conceive of a world where relationship with God precedes relationship with man...

Therefore, they will not get it; they cannot get it. This has been war, is war, and will be war. The Jihadists are prepared to fight until they die or set up an Global Islamic State, and local Islamic states in all countries on earth.
In their collective mind, they have never stopped pursuing this goal. They have just been rearming and reequipping for the last 80 years.

Do Secularists have the passion to fight a defensive war of attrition? To Help Jihadis Die, to win or ....come to know Jesus? Every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess, the Jesus Christ is Lord.

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