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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Making a Jihad Move on Uganda on 3 Fronts

In the last few weeks, A concerted Muslim move on Uganda, a Majority Christian Country, appears to have been carried out on 3 Fronts: Government, Business, and Conflict
Government: Green Co Investments from Libya bought a controlling interest in Uganda Telecom Limited. 49 % Interest remains with the Ugandan Government. This gives unrestricted access to government officials and information sources.
  • Saudi has a new Start up telecom called "hits". This gives Salafists a reason to invest in local minority Muslim groups. Kony has agreed to reengage in Peace Talks, but only of the Khartoum, Sudanese government is involved in negotiations. This gives direct Jihadists direct access to putting pressure in Uganda.
  • Now when minority Muslims begin to make political moves toward Sharia law, Qaddafi can put pressure on the government, Saudi can raise the radical fever, and if that does not work, Sudan can pull Kony's strings and increase the threat of war.
  • I wonder who chairs the committee to bring Uganda into submission....
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