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Monday, January 15, 2007

Sudan's assault on its neighbors continues

CHAD- Today 1/15/07

Sudanes Military planes flew into Northern Chad to protect Janjueed militia as they resuppklied and rearmed.

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CAR and CHAD- the UN wants to move "a peace keeping mission of 2500 soldiers. They do not yet know if they would be connected to the hoped for mission in Darfu, Sudan

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CAR 1/8/07

North-western CAR has been beset by rebel groups who seek to overthrow the regime of President François Bozizé and the situation has been compounded by a spill-over of the civil war from Sudan's Darfur region.

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Sudan has supported and encouraged the LRA and alowed them bases in Southern Sudan During this time the LRA led a bloody campaign in Northern Uganda. Now that the LRA is negotiating peace, it has been told it must leave Southern Sudan.

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