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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Liberia-Sierra Leon: the next front for Jihad?

UN sanctions against Liberia exporting diamonds were renewed last week. This seems like small news, until you read the reason why.....

"There are some forms of diamond mining taking place around Kungbor in Gbarpolu County [northwestern Liberia], because the government does not have the capacity in that area to curtail them", a government diamond monitor who requested anonymity told IRIN.
Officials have said there is currently what they have described as a 'diamond rush' in the southern provinces of the country. Thousands of diggers, many of them former combatants, are being equipped with shovels and pans by unlicensed dealers, they say."

read the rest (from Reuters alertnet)
  • The area where this is occuring is an area of Islamic Stronghold
  • Diamonds have historically been used to fund arms and miltary capability in this region
  • Many ex-sodliers are running these illegal minning activities
  • Some sources living in Liberia report regular traffic in and out of the Monrovia International airport, without going through customs.
  • Al Quaida itself has or has had diamond brokers working in Liberia
  • Hezbollah makes regular collection runs through west Africa including Liberia
  • Kadafi has funded at least 27 Mosques in Liberia in the last several years

So is Liberia-Sierra Leon the next front for Jihad? This is a similar partern that eventually led to what happened in the Horn of Africa. The Horn is in the flames of Jiahd as I write these words. It was planned there for sometime. I hope some are watching Liberia and Sierra Leon. I know I am.

-Shimron Issachar

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