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Sunday, December 03, 2006

CHAD violence spreads from Sudan

BBC Post

December 2. 2006 1430 Hrs

Amnesty International (AI) says it has evidence that attacks by Janjaweed militia from Sudan are taking place 150km (93 miles) inside Chad.

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Posted 11/26 by global

UNHCR says armed men on horseback have attacked 23 villages in southeastern Chad since the beginning of November, and people have fled at least 20 other villages in fear of more attacks. At least 200 people have been killed and dozens others wounded. Some have had their eyes gouged out, while others have been burned after being trapped when their homes were set on fire. Some 75,000 Chadians have been forced to flee their villages in the past year - 12,000 of them this month alone, according to UNHCR.

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Posted 11/11

"What is clear is that there is an extension of the violence and insecurity in Darfur taking place into eastern Chad. This has been happening for the last few months. This is a very worrying sign that maybe the conflict in Darfur might be becoming regionalized."

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The Sudan led assault on all its neighbor's continue. This is further evidenced of radical Islam on the military genocide of all non-Muslims...Reporters can call it "inter-ethnic" all day long, because war is not allowed in their philosophy as an option, yet they calmly watch as entire ethnic tribes are wiped out....

-Shimron Issachar

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