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Friday, November 03, 2006

Coordinated Violent Radical Islamic Assault Continues in Africa

The Government of Sudan has refused UN Peacekeeprs into the Sudan.
Bashir, speaking in Arabic, is quoted as saying

"We refuse to accept the entry of UN peacekeepers into Sudan because the impact of our refusal is better than the impact of our acceptance,"

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Meanwhile, radical Isalmists continue to use Sudan as a base to Destabalize Uganda, Chad, The Democratic Republic of Congo, and The Central African Republic.

In addition, Islamic organizations control parts of Countries. They provide protection for violent Islamic groups to destabilize their neighbors. This is occuring in Southern Somalia, Eritrea, The Isalnd of Zanzabar off the Coast of Tanzania, Northern Niger and Mali. This also occurs from Northern Nigeria, which operates under Sharia law. Kenya, Ethiopia, Northern Ivory Coast and Cameroon are now under assault.

It is Funded from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qattar, and United Arab Emerates

Libya and Saudi Arabia Fund the politaical Assaults occuring in other countries, like Liberia, Togo, Benin, Malawi and Tanzania. the Islamic NGO Money....

And pray that God will go before them, and that His Spirit will confuse and Panic the Enemy as he did for Gideon.

-Shirmon Issachar

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