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Friday, September 15, 2006

al-Qaeda is moving to Africa

--From Mail & Gaurdian online, by
Hila Bouzaglou Johannesburg, South Africa, posted 30 August 2006 05:35

In June an online magazine for actual and aspiring global jihadis and their supporters, Sada al-Jihad (Echo of Jihad), which in late 2005 took the place of Sawt al-Jihad (Voice of Jihad) as the publication of al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia, ran a four-page article by Abu Azzam al-Ansari entitled

"al-Qaeda is moving to Africa"."

There is no doubt that al-Qaeda and the holy warriors appreciate the significance of the African regions for the military campaigns against the crusaders. Many people sense that this continent has not yet found its proper and expected role and the next stages of the conflict will see Africa as the battlefield," wrote al-Ansari. Al-Ansari then proceeded to evaluate the advantages of shifting al-Qaeda operations to Africa. read more.

--by Reuven Paz and Moshe Terdman of the socienty for Internet Research (Sofir)

The following excerpts are summaries of translation of a numbers of writers that write only in Arabic---it is very telling....


"In the past year we have witnessed a growing presence of new formed Jihadi groups in Africa, which use old and more recent violent conflicts to radicalize African Islamic elements, recruit support, and bring the African arena under the Jihadi “global umbrella.' "

-and later

"The Mujahidin have had a prominent role in North and East Africa, which has so far ended with the recent declaration by Osama bin Laden of a war against the Crusaders that plan to open a front in Darfur/West Sudan. "

-and later

• The Jihadi doctrines are spread in many African countries—Egypt, Algeria, Sudan, Mauritania, Morocco, Libya, Somalia, Eritrea, and Chad. These countries and others produced many Mujahidin who irrigated the lands of Islam with their blood and sacrificed themselves for the sake of Allah. This Jihadi expansion has old roots in many of the African countries.

-Still later

• One of the prominent advantages of Africa is the general condition of poverty and the social needs in most countries. It will enable the Mujahidin to provide some finance and welfare, thus, posting there some of their influential operatives.

Read the entire article summary

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