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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Hezbollah in Liberia

Hezbollah, a multi-national jihadist organization based in Lebanon, and on the terror watch list, has been active in Liberia for years. Though the country is predeominatly Christian, it is recovering from 15 years of civil war. In this failed state environment, Lebanese business leaders in Liberia, who control the sea-p0rts have been supporting Hezbollah in the following ways:
  • Blood diamonds used to fuel the Liberian civil war were transported through established Hezbollah diamond dealers.
  • Large donations were given to Hezbollah by Lebonese business leaders in Liberia and other West African Countries: one of the sources says:

"On an annual or semi-annual basis Hezbollah notifies businesses in West Africa, stretching from Mali to Cameroon, of the amount of the contribution that each is expected to make, based on fairly precise knowledge of the revenues that each business is expected to generate. This alone indicates a high level of Hezbollah penetration and interest in this revenue stream. At least once a year senior Hezbollah operatives travel through the region collecting the “donations” to be returned to Beirut. The donations are often in cash, as the Lebanese community businesses often do most of their business in cash and seek to avoid financial scrutiny by avoiding the formal banking system. Because the Lebanese Shi’ite community regularly charters aircraft to fly from different West African capitals directly to Beirut, and the flights undergo a minimum of scrutiny, flying money by courier is an easy and accessible way to move the cash.

For a glimpse of how much money Hezbollah raises in the region, consider one case. On Dec. 25, 2003, a charter flight UTA 141, scheduled to fly from Cotonou, Benin, in West Africa to Beirut, crashed on takeoff, killing all the passengers. On board were senior Hezbollah members, carrying $2 million in contributions to the organization from across the region.[6] Arab press reports said the money represented the “regular contributions the party receives from wealthy Lebanese nationals in Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Benin and other African states.” A senior Hezbollah official was immediately dispatched to Benin to console the “sons of the Lebanese community.”[7]

-click here for the complete Douglas Farah Article

  • Another Liberian source recently reported that there is regular trafic through the Monrovia, Liberia airport that never goes through customs
  • There are at least three other areas under study: The Port authority, The training and arming of LURD , and several key Liberian-American citizens orchestrating the Radiclization of Liberian Muslims.

-more to follow

The Key for Intercessors: Pray that this corruption will be fully exposed, and that the extorcion of West African Merchants to fund terrorism will be result in governments taking action to stop the terror.

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